Kim Mazabow

Kim’s classes reflect her commitment to Yoga as more than just a physical practice. A sincere proponent of the belief that Yoga should be ‘practiced and not performed’, her classes are textured with the philosophy and wisdom of her various teachers. She teachers several styles and each class is unique in its offering, paying homage to Yoga as the answer to all problems. To live the yoga off the mat, is her daily challenge and spiritual practice. Kim founded Gurucat on 1 November 2014.

Angelique Coombe-Heath

Angelique is an Akhanda yoga Teacher and kinesiologist. Akhanda is a holistic approach to Hatha yoga. and Ange embodies this. She is a gifted and authentic teacher who teaches from the heart. An hour with her will transform your day.

Keri Miller

Keri Miller did her teacher training in Cape Town in 2015.
Keri is trained in Vinyasa, Bikram, Sculpt and Beginners yoga.
Using her background in choreography and her love of playlisting, you can expect a fun, challenging, heated flow where you will get your heart pumping and spend some quality time with your SELF.

Haseena Peer

Haseena embarked on her yogic journey 20 years ago when she began practicing Iyengar yoga. Seven years later she was introduced to Bikram Yoga and became addicted to the heat! Fondly dubbed “Sergeant Major” by some of her students for her unyielding manner, she guides them with an inexplicable energy: truly alive, constantly inspiring, encouraging progression and, most importantly, radiating warmth.

Kerry White

Kerry has practiced yoga for over 15 years as a method of self healing and is passionate about the balance, grace and stability that yoga can bring to life.  After spending most of her life interested in various forms of yang yoga, she has developed a deep love of yin and restorative yoga combined with meditation and mindfulness. She completed her 200 & 300 hour Hatha Yoga teacher training at Jivananda Centre for Wellbeing in Durban.

Louise Bell

Louise’s passion and love of yoga began 5 years ago after attending a class at Gurucat. In 2018 she completed her 200 hr YTT in Thailand with a specific focus on Hatha Yoga and Yoga philosophy. Louise’s classes follow a steady, balanced, traditional style and pace allowing students of all levels to benefit. Her belief is Yoga should be accessible to all and the postures or “asanas” are just a small part of greater knowledge she hopes to impart and experience with her students.

Venece Christy

Kerry Snel

Kerry is a creative at heart, drawn to any kind of bright and colourful expression of the soul. She believes that her passion for inspiring creativity in others stimulated her desire to teach kundalini yoga; a practice that focuses on stirring up the creative energy that exists within each and every one of us. Kerry loves both the energy shifting and meditative elements of the practice, which she aspires to share  in a way that honours both the practice and the students. Kerry is also a natural perfumer and writer who loves collaborating with others on any aspect of art or design.

Guest Teachers

From time to time we will invite guest teachers to take classes. There are a plethora of highly skilled Bikram trained teachers in Jozi and Cape Town and we will always welcome them at our studio.

We will always benefit enormously from their knowledge and experience.

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