Yoga Styles

yoga styles

All GuruCat yoga styles are done in our heated room at 40°C with humidity at least 40%. The fresh air regulating system ensures that there is plenty of fresh air pumped into the room.

No need to open and close doors.

Optimum conditions for an optimum yoga practice.

Akhanda includes classic Hatha postures and breath work (pranayama). Short, sharp and intense.

GuruHot 90
Bikram Inspired: 90 minutes

GuruHot 60
Bikram Inspired: Express 60 minutes

Traditional Hatha postures with Surya Namascara

Yin yoga is a gentle class focusing on opening the connective tissue and joints in the body. It requires stillness for extended periods of  time. Warm room only.

Restorative yoga is a gentle class that unlike Yin does not stretch the body, but rather allows the body to open on its own. It is excellent for stress relief.  Not heated.

Learn meditation in our guided meditation class for all levels. Actual meditation time is approximately 20 minutes. Not heated.

yoga styles GuruCat hot yoga studio

All Hot Yoga at gurucat is practiced in our Hot Room. The fresh air regulating system constantly replaces stale studio air with purified fresh air from outside ensuring your comfort and wellness.workshops

We are excited to include regular workshops at the studio and invite you to attend these in order to deepen your practice with highly specialised teachers.