Guru Hot

GuruHot 60/90

Inspired by the original Guru of Hot Yoga: Bikram Choudhury.

Bikram devised a sequence of 26 Hatha postures with two breathing exercises and called it Bikram Yoga.

Practised in a 40 degree heated room at 40% humidity to emulate the conditions in India, Bikram Yoga is an unchanging sequence practiced for 90 minutes. It took the world by storm and has made Yoga accessible to those who would never have considered it.

It was designed to strengthen the entire body from top to toe. Heat allows the release of toxins through sweating while muscles, joints and ligaments are able to get a deeper stretch with less risk of injury in the heat.

GuruHot Yoga incorporates the Bikram inspiration in the GuruHot 90 sequence. The GuruHot 60 sequence is a faster paced class with fewer postures repeated.

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All Hot Yoga at gurucat is practiced in our Hot Room. The fresh air regulating system constantly replaces stale studio air with purified fresh air from outside ensuring your comfort and wellness.

Hot Bikram Yoga Umhlanga Durban